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March 01, 2022

Tips To Control Your Duluth Home Security From Your Smartphone

Nowadays, a home security system is more than door sensors and security cameras. Your home defense can now involve CO detectors, smart lighting, and a wide array of home automation devices. To control it all you are able to utilize your touchscreen hub when you are at your property. If you’re away, you can control your Duluth home security with a phone.

Fortunately, ADT’s mobile security application makes interacting with your devices a breeze.

How To Get Started With ADT Control

The first step to controlling your Duluth home security system using your cell phone is by downloading ADT Control for your Apple or Android device. After it’s installed, your installer can guide you through the proper settings. After you have established your unique credentials, you are able to enter it on various phones or tablets. When wanting to engage your home’s security, press the shield icon. You also have the ability to access all components from this convenient interface, including cameras, sensors, and home automation components.

Access Your System From Anywhere

A home security app on your smartphone makes it easy to manage components within your residence with an easy tap of your finger. Did you remember to lock the door on the way out? Simply go to your ADT mobile app. You are able to activate your overall home security, see live video feeds, alter light levels, turn up your HVAC, by touching the right icon in your app. You can even get immediate updates on your mobile device when any of your security devices are triggered.

Improve Your View

When you control your Duluth home security system with your phone, you have an actual view of your residence and surroundings when cameras are active. Access live video from all your security cameras right from your cell phone, and keep short video snapshots or an image, and playback more extensive recordings as desired. If guests show up – the mail person, a salesman, or a family member -- simply utilize the bi-directional audio capability to talk with them.

Get the Most Out of Your System With Custom Schedules and Geo-Services

Through the central menu, you will enjoy access to a range of advanced options. Set schedules for your lights, heat, sensors, and whatever else you want by creating a custom scene. In this area, you may program how your components operate with one another, and when you want them to activate or shut down. Set a bedtime scene that shuts down the downstairs smart lights, flips on the porch light, turns down the temperature, and arms your alarm system. You can also customize a start-your-day scene that reverts the settings when the time comes to rise and shine.

If you’re looking for even more control, you can turn on geo-services from your central command center or smartphone. By doing so, you can have your home “shut-down” by operating locks, shutting off the smart lights, and arming your security alarm when you drive away. When you arrive from another day in the office, your house will spring to action by automatically putting up the garage door and turning off the alarms.

Reap The Benefits Of ADT Control In Duluth With One Simple Phone Call

Finally, you can leave your property with certainty as you know your home is [[safer|more secure|better protected] than it’s ever been. Just call (218) 231-1734 or fill in the form below and a one of our security specialists will help you build the ideal home security system for you -- complemented by the amazing functionality of ADT Control.